This is David Majok. My blog will be totally devoted to the cause of peace and advancing new thinking in the political discourse in South Sudan. This blog will attempt to look at political, economic, social and philosophical discourse in South Sudan by sharing my insights, objectively and frankly about the way forward. I will try to engage the world to look at South Sudan and the potential it presents for the people of the region in making and remaking what was lost through the years of struggle.

Sure, the situation in the region is not rosy, nor will be in the near future; however, the potential for peace will be the driving force in challenging the current leadership to embrace different type of policies that are relevant and speaks to the aspiration of the people so as to give peace a chance and change a solid foundation.

As well, I will be looking to engage those who are interested in the exchange of ideas and informed discourse that is devoid of malice and miniaturization of the other when advancing a credible point of view relevant to the topic under consideration.

So, I welcome the world to my blog.


3 Responses to About

  1. PaanLuel Wel says:

    @Majok: would be great to edit the “about” menu. Your blog is great though, keep it up!!! I will pass it along to my readers!
    Thanks, PaanLuel Wel.

    • dusouth says:

      thank you PaanLuel Wel,
      I have edited my blog based on your comments. I am actually a big fan of your writings. from my understanding, you are based out of Washington (?) if i am not mistaken.



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