“A Noble Lie”

David Majok November 17, 2011
The freedom of our nation was attained and the spirits of those who perished are now in heavenly surrender and peace, as the true sons of the nation begin the journey to reclaim their glorious past. Since the journey was long, so was the pain of building up the leaders of the movement and the foot soldiers that have allowed dreams to come true and to share in spirit, the bounty of good fortune, status and recognition.

In the good spirit of those fallen heroes and heroines, the leaders of our nation have built a solid foundation that will allow those who are not bread for leadership to continue to, in their selected places in society, support those specimens of leaders currently in control to provide the aspiration that we have suffered for, in a golden platter, in due course, of which time will be determined. For those who are of the best quality of leaders cannot fulfill their wish for the people, unless given free will and undeserved obedience to accomplish their tasks.

For the spirit of Ngundeng has prophesied that the leaders of today, their wisdom and vision, may need to continue as the destiny has chosen them to lead! If deterred, our history, fortune will be destroyed by the good will of the almighty, the purveyor of peace and justice, because good leadership that have been predetermined for our generation and generations to come may end in disaster.

Do not be deterred by the callus in your feet, for they will bother you for one week or two, and fall off; new surface skin will bring to bear the beauty of your African identity. This is the same as your current cry over the growing pain of our republic. As it grows, fewer and fewer maladies will be discovered and all the praise will go to those whom you have given power to shape your future, a call that has been filled and billed by the blood of your sons, daughters, brothers, mothers and fathers.

Those who lead you, in their luxury, think of the best for you, as leaders and guardians of our new republic. In their esteemed places, their intellectual capacity cannot be filled by mediocre living, and their access to your resources, only enables them to protect you from things seen and unseen. This division of labour is not unique to the quest of our republic. It can only be achieved through the normalcy of all knowing their places in the strata of our society. For a Marissa brewer and seller cannot be a drum maker, and farmer of cassava cannot be a blacksmith; the unprofessional soldier cannot protect the jewel of our nations. All of these professions are stratified in our society for the reason of building our nation. So, in silence, praise your leaders, and in the open cheer them on, for your undivided attention to their safety from the wanting eyes will, in surety, affect their good names and high places.

For nobility in our society is made through the struggles, and in that, their places must be protected and names exalted. And in perfect union with our goals for better life, high moral and long history of sacrifice is given its sacred sanctity. So, lay away your fears; lay away your concerns and march to the tune of higher authority bestowed upon Mabior, Mayar and Machar, in the unblemished prophecy of Ngundeng.

About dusouth

Passionate South Sudanese who is interested in advancing the cause of peace and new thinking into the political discourse in South Sudan.
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