Al Bashir confirmed why we chose to separate!

For those who have had lingering questions in their minds about their place in Sudan as Southerners, Al Bashir just confirmed it. He has used the whole apparatus of the state to
wilfully kill, maim, destroy and displace the people of Abyei for the sole purpose of fulfilling his hunger for resources. If this does not warrant him a call to International Criminal Court for the second time, then, the world should just ignore its responsibility towards seeking international peace and justice, a moral foundation of our existence has humans.

 Al Bashir, through his current provocation and occupation of Abyei is masterminding new bloodletting in Southern Sudan, Blue Nile and Southern Kordofan, that will pale in comparison the slow murder of over two million Southerners in the two decades of north/south conflict. The recent threats against the to SPLA to remove its forces from Southern Kordofan and Blue Nile are but another direct challenge at dragging not only the government of Southern Sudan into an all out war, but also a futile attempt by the regime to distract the public from the current struggle within the NCP and the impending
collapse of the whole economic apparatus in the north. With these threats, the
NCP is looking to gain leverage to better protect their household from
crumbling, under the weight of looming loss of revenue from Southern Sudan

 Waging war or threatening to wage war on an independent South will only send the
government in the north into the abyss of international isolation, economic sanction and more internal strives that will ultimately lead to its downfall. Northern Sudan will not survive to fight without the income from the oil in the South; as well, she will not be able to open a multi-prong war against the South, re-energised and reunited Darfur, and the new South (Southern Kordofan, Blue Nile and Ingessina Hills) and the international community. The odds are just not in Al Bashir’s favour!

 While we know that Khartoum has relied on China to allow it to do its dirty business in Southern Sudan over the last two decades. The reality on the ground is different today. The
government of the Republic of Southern Sudan must use its new entity to challenge the prevailing narrative that has been presented by the regime in Khartoum about the ownership of resources in the region, but also create a new narrative that is appealing to China’s needs in the region, without compromising the aspiration of the people of Southern Sudan. There must be a clear understanding from the leadership of the Republic of Southern Sudan that they are interested in doing business with China differently than before; and that entails fostering the culture of peace and development, and not just resource acquisition at all cost.

 As president Kiir has mentioned eloquently stated that war is not South Sudan’s first option, and that is not a sign of cowardice, it is also important to note that war cannot be ruled out in the future, to protect the entity of the Republic of Southern Sudan. Thus, the continued provocation and dehumanization of the people of Abyei in a state owned media, as enemies in their own land, is beyond human comprehension.

 This, we know has happened in the past and history is witness to the killing of over eight
hundred thousand lives over ninety days. Rwanda was and is still an example for Africa and the world; we do not want to be in this list, however remote the chance may be. The world stood and waited and watched while our continent bled. Today, we are aware and must pre-empt it by our new political capital of independent statehood to march and knock at every door so that we save the lives of our own kin. If the world would want to stay silent once more, then the crying sound of our dying will ring in their ears for eternity. It is our call and it is their “responsibility to protect” in this hour of need!

 We, have our parents, sisters, brothers and grandparents who are now a knife away
from death, in northern cities, at the mercy of Al Bashir and his blood thirsty murderers. We must tell the world of the impending calamity that is awaiting our people in the north. We must call upon the patriot sons of the north who disagree with NCP and their war mongers to come out and protect our loved ones, because the testimony of humanity for doing well is now in their hands and upon them to respond; because the legacy of destroying humanity will not only be that of NCP alone, but also fall on those who turn a blind eye to the impending catastrophe.

 In addition, the government of the new homeland must act now to protect our people
in the north by whatever means necessary, because the writing is on the wall regarding their fate.  The government must use the resources at its disposal to relocate our people back home; put pressure on the NCP to assure the protection of our people before, on and after the declaration of independence and use our alliances in the region and internationally force the NCP to live by its obligations towards respect for agreements signed and rights of the people of Southern Sudan in northern cities, to safety and security of their persons and property.

 In conclusion, despite of the current tide for looming crisis, the light at the
end of the tunnel seems to favour our long walk for freedom; however, great
amount of work still remains to be completed. The government of the Republic of
Southern Sudan must make it clear to China that supporting the regime in
Khartoum will not assure them access to resources in the Republic of Southern
Sudan, but only through constructive engagement in curbing NCP’s belligerence
in the region will allow it greater access to resources and increased
investments in other sectors of economy in Southern Sudan.


About dusouth

Passionate South Sudanese who is interested in advancing the cause of peace and new thinking into the political discourse in South Sudan.
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